Fluff can not be trusted with colours

One day there was a very long fluff
who ate lots of yummy hay and sometimes twisties.
This was the best fluff
and she got all the pats
Sometimes though, she was a little shit...
There weren't enough smacks in the world to stop her.

sometimes even camembert

Strange wind. Sosuke, I'll start the engine first. Found it? What? Captured by human? This is bad, really bad. Dead already? It's alive! Sosuke, we're getting late. Risa, goldfish still alive. Goldfish?

When a mermaid landed. Tsunami will follow. It's been a myth since long time ago. Is tsunami. Tsunami is here Tsunami is here, tsunami... What happen granny Shi. My clothe... Sosuke. Sosuke. Sosuke. Sosuke, apologize to granny Shi. Don't worry, I will protect you. Sosuke. Ponyo. Ponyo Ponyo... Sosuke... Ponyo, Sosuke. Like I like you too.

Risa, her name is Ponyo ("Po-Nyo"). She looks like "Ponyo". (unsure about the phrase) And she know magic. After she lick it, the wound disapeared. You like ham? Risa, Ponyo likes to eat ham. Just like you. Faster. Filthy, really filthy. Good morning. Ponyo, we arrived. You see. It will be fine here. Takecare. I gotta go. Morning, pardon me. Please take Granny Noriko's chair. Ok Little Sosuke, morning. Granny, I'm busy now. Talk to you later. Little Sosuke. See you in a while. Teacher will agree? Yea Wait for me here. Will be right back.

Not goldfish, Ponyo. Ponyo? I want to see. If I let you see, you can't tell anyone else. Ok, won't tell. See, cute right? So odd looking. And fat. Goldfishes at my home are more beautiful. It's Kumiko fault. Is her fault to say something bad about Ponyo. I'll help you to change the water. Oh. Ponyo. That's great. Isn't that little Sosuke voice? Sosuke should be in the kindergarten. Hearing are getting worse. Granny Megumi, I'm here. It's little Sosuke. Wanna guess what is this?


I found it at the seaside. I see... Although I don't know you, But please don't spray pesticide here. Oh, this is not pesticide. This is deep sea water to avoid dehydration. Good, as long as it's not poisonous. Excuse me. Oh no, it's getting worse. What a strange guy. Don't be mean, Sosuke. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I won't. Bringing it to the kindergarten? Ya Is it ok with your teacher? No problem, I'll protect it. So cute. Ship is leaving. Sosuke, eat this. Do you eat this? Eat? Oh, the cut is gone.

Must be some good stuff. That's right. Guess what colour? Red? Red. Correct. How do you know? Let me take a look. Oh. It's pretty. Cute. Her name is Ponyo. She likes ham, and she know magic. The cut here disappear. Because she licked it. Can lick my leg? If can run like little Sosuke that will be great. I must ask Ponyo then. Let me see as well. Sure. Oh, disgusting. Isn't this mermaid? Quickly return it to the sea. It will bring tsunami. What tsunami, that's too much. Ponyo, like Sosuke. Ponyo! Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo? Ponyo... Sosuke. Ponyo... Sosuke, there will be faith. Even with more pain, it won't change her destiny. Ponyo is destined to live in the sea. That's why she must return to the sea. That Mr. Pesticide is suspicious. Give me a bite. Come, let me try Quite tasty. Cheer up a bit. Today is the day Koichi return. (Koichi is Sosuke's father). If Sosuke not cheering up. So does he. Don't go to the sea anymore today. Ok. Sosuke, come inside. If I put the buckle here, Ponyo will know this is her home. Right, if Sosuke want to put it there... Just do it. Sosuke, connect first. Must be Koichi Is me. I'm fine. Today, can't be home. Crossing the border, like usual. Will lost signal. Risa turn. Koichi? Can't you just refuse such request? You can't just leave your wife and son at the cliff. I don't know! What is this!? Sosuke, let's eat outside. I want to eat at home. Is Koichi. Risa, is Koichi's ship. Quick, turn on the lights. He's a genius, he just 5 years old. Your wife must be mad. I- AM-SORRY Risa, he said sorry. B.A.K.A. BAKA... (stupid) Ka Ka Ka... Risa, he said "I LOVE U". Very very much. (stupid stupid stupid...) So beautiful. (Smooth sailing) (Thank you) (Goodnight) Risa, don't cry. I didn't cry. I promised to protect Ponyo. Ponyo... you are not crying right? Ok, let's cheer up. (Totoro theme song) Ouch! Sosuke cheer up too. Just like Risa, Ponyo cheerful too. Ya. Let's eat. Let's eat Koichi's portion too. It's all because of me. Shouldn't brought all of you to visit the farm. I've told all of you, Human's air & water are so filthy. Come eat this, come. Hear me? "Polumisharudin" (Supposed Ponyo real name) I want to eat ham. Ham? Where did you learned such horrible thing? Spill it, Polumisharudin. I'm not Polumisharudin, I am Ponyo. Po... po... ponyo? Ponyo is good. Ponyo want to be human. Human? What so good about that stupid and horrible creature? Human took lives from sea. I'm once a human. I sacrifice a lot not to be one of them. Ponyo want hand. Don't want such leg. Want leg like Sosuke. That's enough... Hand comes out. Leg comes out too... Come out, come out. You've taste human blood? I am going to Sosuke. (spell) Return... return... (spell) Ah, not enough power. Go out... go out... Calm down, starry path (spell) Return. Return. Return. Definitely the child of 'that person'. Such great power. If hold it like this, should be fine... My power can only hold her for a while. Looks like only 'that person' can do it. No. It's too much for all of you. (sho... sho...) No way... Danger danger... Barrier to stop crabs is failing. Almost disrupt the balance of nature. Cool down, cool down. I get a bad feeling everytime when going to meet 'that person'. Oh no, oh no. Yet to finish cleaning up. It doesn't get weak here. (the barrier) So hard to open it. Need to come and fix it later. Can't let even one sea creature enter here. Else will be big trouble. Well-done. Power of sea spreading to every corner. When this well filled up. The time of the sea will arrive. The end of those dangerous creatures. The time of filthy human will end. Close it, close it (spell) Ha~ Haha~ Haha~ I'm going to Sosuke. Sosuke. Ha~ Tsunami? Captain, that, that... Is Tsunami! Everyone get inside the ship. What's that? Captain, radio and radar is out. It's a girl. About Sosuke's age. Thank you. Thanks for your hard work. Sosuke, wait here for a while ok? Sensei will company you. I'm going home with Risa, will be fine. See you sensei. See you. Be careful. Sorry, Sosuke. Door hard to open? Power is out. Is kindergarten ok? Yes. Miss Risa, it's ok. You can go home first. Granny Kaneko not here yet? Ya, don't worry. She just a bit late. After all we will be here whole night. You better get going while you still can. Sosuke, wait for a while. Ok. Granny Megumi. Little Sosuke. It's too dark, can't see a thing. Give you this. Oh? What is this? Give one to granny Noriko too. Thank you. So dark, can't see a thing. Such a heavy storm, further more with black out. That's why I don't want to stay here. The power is back. Great. So bright. Goldfish! The power came back because Sosuke is here? There's a storm tonight. A strong one. Useless TV. Can't see a thing. Weather forecast not accurate at all. Little Sosuke go home quickly. We got the goldfish charm, won't be scared of anything. Ya. Give one to you too. So rough. What is this? It's like this. It's a bat, a bat. No it's not. Is 'Koganei Maru'. The ship of Sosuke's father. Ya. Looks like a bat. Sosuke, time to go, say goodbye to everyone. Ok. Goodbye everyone. Goodbye. Don't blown away by the wind. Go from here. Looks like the phone is down too. Sea is rising. Those ships won't sink? Ship that set sail won't afraid of storm. Same as Koichi. Is fish. Risa, is fish. Put on you seat belt. Miss Risa, you can't pass here. Already order to take refuge. Take refuge? There're old folks at Sunflower's Home staying overnight. That's inner land. And at higher ground, will be fine. Anyway, I must go home. You can't stay here anymore. Go through the mountain. Sosuke, let's go. Ok. Please, don't. Oh no, a big wave is coming. Miss Risa. Don't be silly. It's coming. Sosuke, sit tight. Going to speed up. What a nasty wave. A girl fell into it. What? Coming from the back of fish. Where? Tide is getting higher. Sosuke, where is the girl? There, running at the back of fishes. Fish? Let's go, Sosuke. Hold on, Sosuke. We're almost home. There is a girl. Danger, come over here. Sosuke, don't move. Sosuke, you know her? Ponyo? Is Ponyo. Risa, Ponyo return as a little girl. Ponyo is back. Listen, Sosuke and Ponyo. No matter how happy and surprise. You must calm down now. Understand? Ok. Take off the rain coat Sosuke. Ponyo didn't wear shoe right? Hold it. I'll go get something to dry up. Ponyo, this way. Got the smell of Sosuke. Ponyo Gotcha. Don't be all wet. Ponyo's hair looks good in red. Clothe is not wet? Ponyo is used to be a fish. It's ok to be wet. Ya. Ponyo like this. Great, let's have tea. Ponyo, bring the lights here. Will water come out? Yes it will! It will! Coming out. Because we have a tank on top. Fire will come from here. That's wonderful. Wonderful. Because it's single. Sit down. ok. Ponyo sit here. You should sit this way. Put down like this. Can't use your hand that way. I have my feet. Wow, that's great. Oh, what's that? Ponyo's feet is like a hand. Please. Take. I'm going ahead. It's delicious. What's next, what to do? Ponyo think ham is good. Ponyo likes to eat ham. Then we have dinner. But before that, have to start the power generator. Connect power and talk to Koichi. Koichi is my father. Evil magician? No, he is the captain of Koganei Maru. What about Ponyo's father? Fujimoto, he lock me up. Ponyo ran away. Ponyo's mother? Mommy, my favorite. But very scary. Just like Risa... Thank for helping Ponyo. Out of fuel? Stuck? It's stuck! Stuck over there. Great! So bright. Ponyo is so great. Radio, radio. Risa, ship sink? No lights. Very noisy. Everything ok? Looks like the radio is not working. This is JA4 LL JA4 LL Can you hear me Koichi? This is Risa and Sosuke and Ponyo. Everyone is fine here. Let's eat. Ham! Put inside? It's hot, careful. Not yet ready. Wait for 3 minutes. Close you eyes. Not yet. Ponyo don't peek. Ok. Can open your eyes now. En~joy your meal. Wow. Ham! Wonderful, Ponyo. Hot, hot. Risa, Ponyo fall asleep. Ponyo came from far far away? Yeah, must be. Sosuke, see. The storm stopped. Is it because Ponyo fall asleep? Sosuke, there. Something is moving. Somebody is over there. Granny Megumi? It's gone. Is the road to the mountain. Sosuke wait here with Ponyo. I'm going over. Should be fine with mountain's road. Sosuke, I'm going to Sunflower's Home. I'm going too. Sosuke and Ponyo wait here. I want to go, just bring Ponyo along. I am going with you. Sosuke, this home now is a lighthouse in the storm bring lights and hope to those in dark. Someone must be here. many strange things happened. But not sure why. There must be a reason. I'm worried about those at Sunflower's Home. If Sosuke protecting this place. Risa will have support. I will be fine. I will come home. Sure? Sure. Make sure then. I always love Sosuke. The moon coming out. We can see the lights from town. Thank god. We can navigate now. Haven't been to town. Did we reach America? That's not mountain, neither it's land. It's all boats. Carried by wave. Gathered as mountain here. Must the grave of boats. Path to the other side had opened. Engine stop! Fix it quickly. Drop the anchor. Aye. What's at the back? I saw goddess! It start! We're saved! It's goddess. All thank to the goddess. Amitaba (prayer). Go higher, higher. Oh, this is a proper barrier. Where did she learned this. What's going on? She became a human. Danger. What they doing? All of you. Danger. No. All of you. Dad is doing this for your sister. 'That person' Is coming. Fujimoto So you came huh? Beautiful ocean. Full with magic. As if I'm back to 'De Po Ji' big ocean. Ponyo tasted human's blood. The elixir of life that I collected are gone too. Ponyo? A very nice name. It's my fault. Ponyo misused her magical power. Opened a big hole on earth. She have no idea what she's doing. Somemore have turn into a human. And ranaway to a boy's home. It this continue, the world will be destroyed. This is bad. The satelites are falling too. The gravity of the planet... Silent. Sosuke. It's a boy name Sosuke huh. All of you love your big sister. My dear, just let Ponyo become a true human. Huh? An old believes. If the boy faithful. Ponyo can turn into a real human, in exchange with her magical power. But if that failed, Ponyo will turn into bubbles. We are, afterall made of bubbles. But, she's only 5. She can't possibly make it. Just let them rest for now. Our child.

Any cat will come here? You stay put ok. I will be right back. See you. Ah, Sui-chan. A bit fever. But looks healthy, should be fine. Thank you. Bye bye. Good morning, sensei (teacher). Good morning, Sosuke. Sosuke, how are you? Sosuke. Oh, Kumiko. Look at this. Pretty? My mom bought it for me. Sosuke, let's play together. I'm busy now, maybe next time. Busy with? I said I'm busy. Strange Sosuke. So strange. Oh. Ponyo! Sosuke. Kumiko. What is this? You can't bring this to kindergarten. These trees does not belong to the kindergarten. It's belong to Sunflower's Home, so it's ok. Let me see. Oh, goldfish.

Sosuke. Sosuke. Ouch. Morning Ponyo. Morning Sosuke. The ocean become calm. Risa is not around. The roads are flooded. If only we have a boat now. We have one. We can't use that. We can. Wow, that's perfect. There's even a candle. Can sit here. Wow, it's just like real one. Very much like real. You hold that side. Ready? Ready! It's floating. There's no leaking. Alright. We have to fill water. Need to fill water into the center part. It's like a rocket. Welldone, Ponyo. Welldone? Yes, welldone. Welldone, welldone... Hot? Very hot. Very hot very hot Wow, it's lighted. It's lighted. Hot, hot, hot. Very hot. It's moving. Welldone. Ya. Proud of it. Yap. Sosuke is happy? Yes. Sosuke, it's burning. Ya. Sosuke, it's hot. Ponyo sit infront. I'll drive. Ok. There's a path. Risa went over the mountain road. Risa is not there. Risa will be there, we made a promise. It's Gogonasus It was said there is 10,000 of them in the river of 'De Pang Ke'. Oh look, the shy 'Licosus'. Beautiful. Leaving already 'Licosus'? Wow, it's huge, very huge 'Licosus'. Huge 'Licosus'. wei... Is a boat there. They are calling for us. They must have spotted us. Let's go Ponyo. Hi. It's a nice boat. I never know is you little Sosuke. Not little Sosuke. Is Sosuke. She is Ponyo. Ponyo is a fish. Fish? Ponyo is a nice name. Yap. Mister, do you know where is Risa? Risa? She is not with you? She went out. Went out? Little baby. What happened? Give it to her. Give it to me. Thank you. I'll go ahead. What a delicious soup. Risa made it. It's for the baby. (not you) I'm sorry, the baby can't take this yet. If I drink this. Then I'll have milk for the baby. I use to drink Risa's milk too. Ponyo, can I drink this soup? Yes you can. Thank you. People over there. It's like a parade. Anything we can help? Thanks, but we're fine for now. Then please becareful on you way up to the hostel. Ok will do. There're many people. Wonderful, everyone are fine. Ponyo. Let's move on. Hold on. Milk. Milk. It will get cold if you don't eat it. Thank you. There will be a lot of milk. Sosuke, that's what left, you want it? Ya, that should help. Thank you. Becareful. Thank you. What's wrong? Be nice. Ponyo. Sosuke. Where is Risa? She went out. I gotta go. Risa must have gone along the wave. That's great. Sosuke, let me sit on it too. We're in a hurry, see you later. (Sosuke, hurry to the school, kambateh) "Alert, we're not in duty, we can only wish you all the best. " Ponyo, we need a new candle. It's ok, we still have the one we just received. Ouch. Still very hot. Bye bye. Ponyo, enlarge this too. Can you? Ponyo, wanna sleep? Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo Water become shallow. Touching the ground. Can see the road. It's the ship. Ponyo Ponyo, wake up Ponyo. Sosuke. Thank god, I thought you never woke up again. Is Risa's car. Risa. Risa's car is over there. Risa, Risa~ Sosuke, ship water coming out from eyes. We going to look for Risa. Ok. (Quick, look at this, so beautiful, Just like the underwater palace.) Folks, please come over here. Ok, let's go. It feels great to run. We go ahead first. Please calm down everyone. We're at the critical moment. Sosuke is coming. Oh, what's going on. A love test? My heart is pounding. Me too. Please calm down. Everyone here is the witness. Please hold on. Mr. Fujimoto You're not going to do something bad to Sosuke and Ponyo right? Ofcouse not. If they past this test. Then... I think he's a gentleman What Risa is doing. Look, over there. She's been chatting with Ponyo's mother. This must be hard for Risa. What they doing there. Let's call her. Risa, Risa... Don't worry. Sosuke will come for you. Risa must be worried. Sosuke will be fine. Thank you. Everyone let's cheer for Sosuke. Ponyo, it's a cave.